Phronesis: Services for Organizations

Organizational Development

Phronesis does for organizations what Finding Your Way does for individuals. By doing a series of individual relational meetings with your leaders, staff, members, and the communities you serve we help you understand your comparative advantages, core constituencies, and value proposition and then work with you to identify the best channels through which to promote your work, develop a marketing plan, understand your cost structure and potential revenue streams, identify key partners and resources you need, then develop a strategic and operational plan. We work with both nonprofits and small, community focused businesses. 

Leadership Advisory/Search Consulting Services

Are you looking for new leadership or do you need staff who bring the ability to see the big picture, think strategegically and relationally, and/or provide outstanding research, teaching, organizing, or pastoral leadership? We can help you find the people you need. We have broad networks across academic, spiritual, and social justice/civic organizations and a highly developed process which helps you think through what sort of person you need, engage deeply with candidates, and make outstanding decisions.