Finding Our Way: Services for Individuals

Finding Our Way

This is our core service. We engage you in a series of individual relational meetings or extended email exchanges designed to help you articulate your understanding of what it means to be human, surface your interests, relationships and capacities, and idetnify your comparative advantages and core constituencies (exissting and potential), your parituclar calling and value propositions. We will thenhelp you develp a long range plan for linving an ecologically and economically sustainable, civically engaged,meaning fulife grounded in freely chosen meanigns and values.

Those who have completed this process and who are interested in further coaching or mentoring, as well as those who want to explore their path more informally or gradually can also engaging us as ongoing mentors or life coaches.

College Consulting

We can help you through the whole process of deciding what you want to do after high school, what type of college will work best for you, and which particular colleges to apply to, as well as the process of preparing applications and navigating decisions (including financial decisions) afterwards.

Branding/Resume/Document Services

Whether or not you engage us to help you find your way we will also assisting with cover letters, resumes, c.v.’s, and other branding and positioning documents to help you present yourself, your vision, and your value propositionin a way that is faithful to who you are andcompellingto your core constituencies.