Astrological Readings

We offer our services in multiple formats. You can jump in and order an in-depth reading of your natal chart or you can begin with an analysis of your basic karmic characteristics and then add on readings addressing specific areas of your life later on. All readings including a copy of your Vedic astrological chart.


In-Depth Natal Reading

An In Depth Natal Reading provides a copy of your Vedic Chart, along with a detailed analysis of your underlying karmic identity, your path through this life, and in-depth guidance regrading your calling and career, your romantic relationships and life partnerships, and your spiritual orientation, together with information regarding family or origin, finances, fame and following, and key challenges and transformations. $450; You may ask three specific additional questions.

Rectification of Birth Time

All readings require an accurate birth time as well as birth date, and birth place. Those without an accurate birth time, but who can supply a date and three key life facts or events (marriage, career and career events) can ask for a Rectification of their Birth Time, i.e. an estimate of when they were actually born. This service costs $200.

Basic Karmic Identity Reading

A Basic Karmic Identity Reading provides a copy of your Vedic Chart, along with a basic analysis of the karma you bring to this life and what you are here to accomplish. The reading includes brief indications regarding those areas of life which seem most significant to you. $75

Area of Life Add-Ons

  • These add-ons allow you to ask for more in-depth analysis of specific aspects of life, including:
  • Physical Constitution, Health and Illnesses,
  • Wealth, Investments, Inheritance, Profits and Losses
  • Home, Family, and Emotional Well Being,
  • Romance, Marriage and Life Partnerships, and Friendships
  • Career and Public Standing, and
  • Spirituality and Religion. $75/each up to 5, after which an In-Depth Natal Reading is more economical.



All reports are presented in the form of a narrative analysis and sent in WORD or PDF format.

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Slide Show

For an additional $50 you can order a slide show summary of your report. Plain $50 Illustrated: $100.

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You can also book a telephone, videoconference or in-person consultation to discuss your needs. Initial 30 minute consultations are free. After that consultations are $200/hour.