Astrological Analysis and Interpretation (Vedic/Medieval)

We have found that casting, analyzing, and interpreting a client’s horoscope –whether or not we “believe” in astrology– can be a powerful tool for understanding their path through this life –and others. Our approach is rooted in the Vedic tradition but makes use of concepts from medieval Western, Arabic, and Jewish astrology as well.

Finding Your Way

This is our core service. We engage you in a series of individual relational meetings or extended email exchanges designed to help you articulate your understanding of what it means to be human, surface your interests, relationships, and capacities, and identify your comparative advantages and core constituencies (existing and potential), your particular calling and value propositions. We will then help you develop a long range plan for living an economically sustainable, civically engaged, meaningful life grounded in freely chosen meanings and values.


Those who have completed our Finding Your Way process and who are interested in further mentoring and life coaching, as well as those who want to explore their path more gradually can engage us as ongoing mentors. The mentoring process involves ongoing individual meetings, face to face or virtual, positioning and job search consulting, support for civic engagement, private study, and spiritual direction along your chosen way.

Branding/Resume/Document Services

Whether or not you engage us to help you find your way, we will also review cover letters, resumes, c.v.’s, and other branding and positioning documents to help you present yourself, your vision, and your value proposition in a way that is faithful to who you are and compelling to your core constituencies. 

Clerici Vaganti

The clerici vaganti of the Middle Ages were wandering clerics (and therefore scholars) who lacked a permanent benefice to support them and lived by itinerant teaching, poetry, music, etc. Today’s intellectual reserve army of scholars, teachers, and organizers trained in the humanities, the social sciences, and the sacred and political sciences for whom  Capital has no use and who live as adjunct faculty or other contingent occupations, or rely on work outside their calling in order to survive find themselves in a similar situatoin. We aim to build a guild of such individuals which can provide them with mutual support as they seek to live an economically meaningful, civically engaged, meaningful life, and to advocate for their rights in the academy and elsewhere.