Guide for the Perplexed

Do you ever wonder what it all means? 

Are you fascinated, but also confused about the competing spiritual paths with which you are confronted?

Are you trying to find your calling in life? To figure out what you –and you alone– have to contribute to your community, to humanity, and to the universe?

Are you challenged by trying to find a way to live that calling in an increasingly challenging economy?

A Guide for the Perplexedoffers a range of services which can help you sort it all out.

We believe that there are many paths to spiritual growth and can help you find one that works for you. 

We also believe that each and every human being has something unique to contribute and that by understanding your comparative advantages and developing an effective personal business model we can find a way to make that contribution. Our approach integrates in-depth, individual relational meetings, established psychometrics, jyotish, philosophical and theological study, and ancient spiritual techniques drawn from many different traditions.

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