Fee Structure/Membership and Pro Bono Services


Our process is labor intensive and requires quite a bit of work both on your part and ours. In order to do this kind of work we must also find time for continued study, spiritual self-cultivation, and civic engagement. At the same time, we want to be able to offer our services to anyone who seeks them, without respect to ability to pay. 

The standard rate for career and life coaching services targeting markets similar to ours is around $150/hour and this will be our standard rate, with the following packages and specific services billed at the rate indicated:

Comprehensive Spiritual/Civic/Vocational Exploration Process: We recommend that you begin your relationship with us by completing our comprehensive spiritual and vocational exploration process. Whether this is done in person or though an extended email exchange it will be billed at the rate of 3 hours, with an ordinary cost of $450. This includes use of public domain psychometrics, to which we will direct you and which you will self-administer on  your own time, as well as interpretation of the results.

Branding/Resume/Document Services: Reading and revising documents such as cover letters, resume’s, c.v.’s and comparable documents are billed as one hour of labor regardless of the actual time involve, for an ordinary cost of $150/document. A basic brand analysis, without the comprehensive spiritual/civic/vocational exploration process, will be billed at the rate of another $150.

Vedic Astrological Analysis: For those interested in another perspective on their lives and calling, we will prepare an in-depth analysis of your Vedic astrological chart. This is billed at three hours labor, or $450/analysis. More specialized readings related to particular issues are available in addition to the basic analysis at the rate of $150/each.

Private Study and Ongoing Spiritual Direction/Civic/Vocational Consulting is available at on an hourly bases at $150/hour. 

Members of Clerici Vaganti are eligible for free services during the term of their membership.  

Full Membership is available at the following rates: 

  • Full Professor or $100,000 or more in annual income: $750/annum
  • Associate Professor or $75,000 or more in annual income: $500/annum
  • Assistant Professor or $50,000 or more in annual income: $250/annum
  • Lecturers or $35,000 or more in annual income: $125/annum
  • Adjunct: $50/annum

If you seek what we offer and cannot pay anything, you may request pro bono services. Just send us an email telling your story at mansueto@seekingwisdom.com.

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