How We Work


Guide for the Perplexed can work with you in person, through cyberspace, or both. In either case our principal forms of engagement include:

• getting to know you,
• individual and small group directed study, and
• vocational, political, and spiritual direction.

Getting To Know You

We get to know you through a variety means including:

  • an initial, free, face to face individual meeting or online conversation designed to identify your interests, relationships and capacities and to help both parties decide whether or not our process will be good for you,
  • a much longer in-depth interview (or, if we are working in cyberspace, and extended correspondence involving in-depth written responses to open ended questions) exploring who you are and what you are called to do,
  • basic, public domain psychometrics,
  • for those open to it, a complete analysis of your natal chart using the techniques of Vedic Astrology, and
  • the preparation of a complete profile to which you will then be asked to react either orally or in writing, and which will be revised and finalized based on your responses.

We approach these engagements with the aim of understanding (and helping you to better understand),

  • What you believe it means to be human,
  • What, in the context of that complex of meanings and values, most interests you,
  • What distinctive capacities you bring to the table,
  • Who you are connected with and how and what additional social networks you have access to, and
  • How, given these factors, you can most effectively live your vision and values, grow spiritually, and make the greatest possible contribution to the world, while finding a sustaining and sustainable way to support yourself and those for whom you are responsible.

Your Personal Spiritual/Vocational/Business Plan

The result of of this process is a comprehensive personal strategic plan which will include:

  • an analysis of your particular spiritual path and your next steps in pursuing it,
  • an analysis of your particular vocation –what you are called to contribute to the world– and how to pursue it,
  • a personal business plan which will outline a sustaining and sustainable  way for you to support your work, your continuing spiritual growth, yourself, and those for whom you are responsible.

Please remember that we aren’t magicians. Finding your path and living it are challenging in and of themselves. Doing that while supporting yourself and others is even more difficult. We cannot make this difficulty go away. But we can help you find ways to more forward more effectively.

Follow Up

Once we have completed your comprehensive spiritual/vocational exploration process and your personal business plan, it will be time to implement it. Just what this involves depends on what we –and you– discover. We may well discover that you need to engage the support of others, whether teachers of a spiritual path along which we are not prepared to guide you, academic institutions which can help you develop the capacities you need to realize your vocation, therapists who can help you engage psychological or relationship challenges, or financial advisors who can help you plan for a sustaining and sustainable future. We will help you find the support you need.

You may also find that you will benefit from the ongoing support we can provide to you, including:

  • directed study of the liberal arts and sacred and political sciences, 
  • ongoing mentoring and spiritual and vocational direction, and
  • assistance with branding and the preparation of cover letters, resumes, and c.v.’s.

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